Google Image Search - For Professionals

Using Google's Search By Image has become a common option for photographers, agencies and organisations that need to manage and protect their content online.

There are serious limitations however to the effectiveness of one by one search platforms such as Google SBI (Tin Eye offers an option that also falls into this category).

The Image Witness solution

Image Witness offers you an automated platform to manage and protect your entire photography collection online in a way that gives you back your time.

Benefit Comparison

When you look at the actual costs of using a one by one search solution. It very quicky becomes an expensive process

Tracking and Protecting 20 of your images (We bet you have more than 20):

Using Google Image SearchMinutesUsing Image WitnessMinutes
Click upload or drag image onto page1 minClick upload and select as many files and folders as you like1 min
Look at first results page and try to find results that might be interesting2 minView all results for all images in a single list1 min
Copy paste links that need to be followed up into excel or save bookmarks3 minAutomated tagging has already grouped previous results (and similar previous results)0 min
Click next page to look at the next page of results for your first image1 minFilter, soft and group results for all images using our flexible search system10 min
Copy paste links that need to be followed up into excel or save bookmarks3 minResult management completed. Engage with clients that are using your images, leverage our infringement management service or rest assured that you are in control of your content online2 min
Repeat for upto 15 pages (assume avg 7 pages per image with 1min looking at results and 3mins saving results)28 minsImage Witness - Image management and protection completed for the month
Repeat for 19 images (28mins for each image)532 mins
Total Time - Google:9.5hrsTotal Time - Image Witness14mins

What happen's next? - Without Image Witness, the hard work can just be beginning. Managing your photo's copyright involves engagment with numerous infringement resources and upfront costs (Included for free in our infringement management service offered with any plan)

Even if you do find infringements with other systems and then manage to follow them up, The time invested in the process far outweighs the benefits (Commercially and personally).