How it works?

Here's how we get you your monthly report that shows where your images are online

Upload your Images

This is the only step where we need your help! You upload your images and then we handle the rest.

We search the internet

We use our unique search infrastructure to track down your images online.

We gather results

We gather the results from our search and perform activities such as Auto Tagging to make your life easier.

We provide a monthly report

We provide you a monthly report on where your images are on the internet. This is where you can leverage the power of our solution with a simple to use interface for viewing and tagging your results.

Additional Services:

Infringement Management - End to end management of infringement cases with no up front cost

USCO Submission - Assistance submitting your images to the US Copyright Office

Customisation - We can help build reporting and tagging solutions that integrate with your workflow